About The Book


This phenomenal book is especially for women, entrepreneurs and men looking for insight into why women can be fierce and vulnerable at the same time.  The primary audience for this book is a reader who aspires to restore positive thinking, wants an understanding of what it means to WIN From the Beginning, or just requires an influential and inspirational template to achieve more success.  The heartfelt testimonials of the seven amazing women give insight to the balance needed to perform multiple tasks while owning a business, being a wife, a mother, or running a family all alone. The examples in the testimonies are given from life learned lessons that assist the reader in finding an alternative to negative thinking, insight to balancing multiple tasks and will aid the reader in finding another solution to any difficulty that could occur. We all need to be connected with others who have been “through it” and held onto the concept of winning through it, not just winning at the end. If you want to see growth, experience success and take that seat you have already been promised, do not walk away from the opportunity to hear the truth of these seven women.  Be prepared to be transformed.